Farideh Heyat

 - Anthropologist & Writer - 


Journal articles

“New Veiling in Azerbaijan: gender and globalising Islam”
In:  European Journal of Women’s Studies, vol. 15, no.4, October 2008.

“Globalisation and Changing Gender Norms in Azerbaijan”
In:  International Feminist Journal of Politics, vol. 8, no.3, September 2006.

“Re-Islamisation in Kyrgyzstan: gender, new poverty and the moral dimension”
In:  Central Asian Survey, vol.23, no.3-4, Dec. 2004.

Book chapters

“Post-Soviet Islam in Azerbaijan”
In: Cultural Archetypes and Political Change in the Caucasus, Nino Tsetsishvili (ed.), Nova Science Publishers, 2010

"Women and the Culture of Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan"
In:  Markets and Moralities: ethnographies of post-socialism, R. Mandell & C. Humphrey (eds.), London: Berg, 2002.

"Azeri Professional Women's Life Strategies in the Soviet Context"
In:  Gender and Identity Construction: Women of Central Asia The Caucasus and Turkey,  F.Acar and A. Ayata (eds.), E.J. Brill, Boston, USA, 2000.

"The Azaris"
In:  Some Minorities in the Middle East, R. Tapper (ed.), Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS, University of London, 1992. (published under my former name, Farideh Granett)

Encyclopaedia entries


Entries in:  Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, S. Joseph, (ed.), Netherland: Brill Publishers, 2004.
  • “Women, Gender and Gender Socialisation: Turkey and the Caucasus”;
  • “Women, Gender and Family Relations: The Caucasus”;
  • “Women, Gender and Domesticity: The Caucasus”;
  • “Women, Gender and Household Forms and Composition: The Caucasus”,