Farideh Heyat

 - Anthropologist & Writer - 



Azeri Women in Transition: Women in
Soviet and Post-Soviet Azerbaijan

This study of women and gender in a Muslim society draws on archival and literary sources as well as the life stories of women of different generations to offer a unique ethnographic and historical account of the lives of urban women in contemporary Azerbaijan. Focusing on a group of professional women in Baku, it provides insight into the impact of the Soviet system on the position of Azeri women, their conceptions of femininity and the significant changes brought about by the post-Soviet transition to a market economy and growing western influence. Also explored are the ways in which local cultural expectations and Islamic beliefs were accommodated to different modernisation projects.

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Bruce Grant: New York University H-Gender-MidEast

This is the best book on gender in Azerbaijan rendered in any language. Scholars of Central Asia and the Caucasus will find particular value in Heyat’s correctives to long-held canonical assumptions about gender politics in the region.

Sascha L.Goluboff: Washington and Lee University Slavic Review

Azeri Women in Transition is an extremely informative book.  I would highly recommend it as essential reading for graduate students, academics, and professionals interested in Azerbaijan and post-Soviet gender issues.